Lyn fury

I got my lyn fury few days ago,I think im breaking in the bearing because its getting less and less responsive,I know how to bind but,how can i make it more responsive?

you can do one of two things

  1. Tighten the gap all the way
  2. Put in a drop of thick lube in the bearing

yeah, throw some thick lube on it.

I’ll finish that up for you.

  1. Buy some thick lube by YoYoJam.

Don’t tighten the gap all the way. It was designed to have a wide gap stock, and trying to tighten it more would be overightening it, and it could have some negative effects.

To get it more responsive, you would need to add some YYJ thick lube an alternative for thick lube would be 3 in 1 oil which can be found in a walmart or hardware store.

To get thick lube, you can buy some here:

and tighten the gap.

By the way, do not listen to SR’s comment on buying thin lube. Thick lube is what you need.

SR never said to buy thin lube.???

I originally intended to put thick lube, but I don’t know how thin lube got on there. LOL, fixed.

Haha. Sneaky. But not as sneaky as Samad!

If you don’t want to pay 10 bucks for Thick lube (Thats with shipping) youcould Put Cooking oil in the Bearing but only a very small drop. It works the same but it is a little thicker than thick lube.

Alright thanks 8)