yomega maverick return system


I was thinking about taking out the rubber rings in the yomega maverick, and replacing them with silicone. I just wanted to make sure it will still play well after I do so.


I have done it on my dash and it worked


good, I’ll start now then. I’ll tell you how it worked once I’m done!


Do you have the old or new Maverick? Does yours have the “barb-wire” engraved on the sides and a ‘C’ size bearing or no? If you silicone the new it will become more unresponsive. If you silicone the old it will do nothing.


Unless his pads are completly shot like mine.


my pads are a little worn, but I haven’t played it enough for pads that thick to really wear out. I siliconed it, just have to wait for it to dry.


Yea my pads are almost non-existant. Its compleyly unresponsive by this point


I siliconed it. After breaking the silicone in, it now plays unresponsively. Might even have longer sleep times.