bad siliconing?

Hello everybody. The pads on my yyj chaser finally ripped apart so i decided to silicone the grooves instead of getting new pads. After letting the silicone dry for a day like you should, i picked it up to play. A “flick start” (or whatever you want to call it) was nearly impossible and when i finally got the yoyo back to my hand to throw it again the string just spun around on the bearing and the yoyo spins very slowly. I can manage to get it tight and throw good throws with it eventually, but its just annoying when im trying to learn new tricks or do a long enough trick where the yoyo is spinning slow and i cant do a bind that allows me to throw a good throw again. Any ideas? Did i not do enough silicone or use the wrong silicone for the job? The silicone is use is not exactly flowable but i can get it nice and smooth in the groove.

Thanks a bunch!

Could you post pics?

ill do my best hold on a minute.

The pic isnt very good… and ive been messing with them alot cuz im pissed, so i should probably redo it now anyways…

They look a little bit low.

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Allright im gonna redo them. Thanks for the imput.


Yep, your welcome.

It is possible to modify posts you know?


jeez… i tried to say im well aware but its not loading for some reason…


Like the word weird.

What other kind of weird is there?

What type of sillicone are your using?

No no,

how it is spelled is weird.

It’s not flowable glass/window silicone… its GE MAX 3500 Window & Door silicone. Probably another reason why. I had it laying around the house i didn’t feel like ordering or trying to buy new silicone because i couldn’t find flowable silicone last time at the hardware store.

Should work

ok well ill make it less deep this time and see how it goes.

Flowable is certainly the best but ive used regular silicone plenty of times. Just make it flush or slightly recessed and as smooth as possible. First couple throws after it drys can be responsive but it will break in usually.