Can I switch response pads from one yoyo to another?


Iran out of response way sooner than I thought I would, which leaves two of my throws response less.
Is it possible to take out pads from one of my other throws and put it in one of my other yoyos?
IE: take the response out of my popstar and put it into my shutter.
Would it work?
Would I need to use something like a glue stick to make it sticky?


it’s possible… but you have to use some glue to stick it on the yoyo lol. I suggest you buy new pads as pads from other yoyo cannot stick to a yoyo without any other tools


How are you going to get the pads out of the popstar without damaging them? You’re probably just going to end up with 3 response-less yoyos.


I’ve removed pads without shredding them before. You just have to be super super careful about it (and probably a little lucky as well). That said though, I don’t think it’s worth the effort/risk. Just order a small batch of pads and keep some around just in case.


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I did this once but I heated the stickers with a blow dryer. Just stuck them in the other yoyo. I wouldn’t assume it works every time though. :wink:


What is the blow dryer for? Will this make it easier to take the pads out or something?

What did you use to take them out? And I did order some pads, but they will prob take several days to come so yeah :confused:


I used a pair of tweezers with a fairly thin flat tip. The blowdryer can be used to melt the adhesive a little bit and make it easier to get it all out in one go without bits and pieces sticking to the yoyo.


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I have nails, removing pads without damaging them is easy.
As long as it still have some sticky residue left, you can just re-stick it again. If the pads are stretched or simply too big, cut the pad in one section like a few millimeters then reconnect the cut part with superglue.
You can actually re-use old pads by flipping it over (sticky part facing upward, clean it up first is recommended). Use some rtv or flowable silicone in the response groove then just stick the flipped old pad in there, bam! new pads.

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You may not want to get into this, but I would just remove the pads and use flowable silicon. It’s really easy. There are a whole bunch of tutorials. Just Google “flowable silicon yoyo” and click on one of the tutorials. There’s also a Dr. Popular link (but I can’t find it now) that I used the first time I did it. It works amazingly well and it’s reasonably cheap. The only drawback is that it takes 24 hours to dry. Good luck.

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Silicone are typically more grippy than pads, not everyone likes it… I personally prefer silicone on some yoyos and pads for the others.


All else being equal, flowable silicone shouldn’t be any grippier than pads given that they’re made from the same material. If you find flowable silicone to be a bit too grippy, maybe try recessing them a little bit more.


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As with rtv gasket and glass sealant, they definitely have more grip. It kinda depends on what pad you’re comparing with though, but in general liquid silicone becomes rather softer after cured compared to pads which are stiffer.


flowable contains more microscopic bubbles.