response pads?


I had a quick question that’s been bugging me for a while now. I have a problem (especially with my mangaroo) where the response pads are fairly new and not even worn out very much. definatly not too old to use. but apparently the sticky residue isn’t strong enough, and even if they are still close to new they will fall out and won’t stick back in. this has happened multiple times and each time I have just bought new ones. My question: is there a way to sticky them up again and put them back in instead of just replacing them? cause it’s kinda a waste and a hassle. I tried just using elmers glue, which was too messy, as well as a glue stick, which wasn’t sticky enough.


I’ve had good results with a glue stick. You need to use the standard ones, not the type that resembles the sticky note pad glue. I’ve also used rubber cement and contact cement.


Have you ever thought about using flowable silicone? However you might be using a yoyo where that would not work. If it could work, or if you have another yoyo that does, I recommend it. After about a day it gets nice and unresponsive.
Maybe test with various kinds of glue sticks?

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Your problem with the pads are that when you replace the pads make sure the guts are cleaned out thoroughly so the new pads get a nice clean surface to stick to