What do you do when your response pads fall out? One of mine have fallen out and even though I can pop it back in, it isn’t sticky and so pops out after a few gos or longer if I’m lucky. Can I glue it back in or something?

Sure, try a glue stick, or even a couple of small drops of super glue. Easy enough to clean up.

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I would say just pickup a new pair of pads, it’s going to be easier in the long run than making a mess with glue.

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It’s not super hard to take out pads after they are glued, are they? Just in case I want to replace them after I completely use them :slight_smile:

No it’s not if you use the glue sparingly.

I agree with this, but I also say just order a new pad set. XP heck, if it’s a yoyo jam yoyo (as I think all of them fit with one another) I think I have a set I could send you.

I’ve successfully reuse old pads with rtv silicone.
Flip the pad showing the flat unworn side, put some rtv into the groove, place the pads on and press slightly to adjust depth, some of the silicone may leak out from the sides, clean up and wait for a few hours for it to set (shouldn’t take too long since you don’t need the silicone to fully be cured anyway).