Rubber/plastic inside fell off from my YFF Onestar, help?

So I was playing today when I noticed something got snagged inside the string. The soft-plastic/rubber (Not sure what its called) fell off from one side. I came out very clean and is still in perfect shape. So what are my options now?

Should I just put it back in and act like nothing happened? Use some kind of special glue? Simply play without it? Because all it seems to do is add more unnecessary friction.

Hoping for suggestions :slight_smile:

That would be the response pad, you need them to have the yoyo come back when you do a bind or tug up on it. You could try putting it back in worst case you have to buy some new ones.

It still bind back up with a single one, though i can tell something is a little off about it.

Yes…it will still bind back up with one pad…it just won’t bind as good unless you have the response pads in place on both sides.

Any suggestions on what should I use to keep it inside the mold? Because eventually it keeps falling out.

That means the adhesive that holds it in is no good. You need to replace the response pad.

Glue it back in…

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Just did that.

This solution is super effective.

10/10 would glue again.

You’d rather change it rather than have the response pad fall out, the yoyo snap back, and have it the ground or a wall.

Given where he lives gluing it in is the better solution. Besides the response groove is fairly deep and it should hold well. It’s an effective solution in this case.

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Yeah…glue will hold it in for sure, but when that response wears out and HAS to be replaced
you will have some serious fun getting the glue out ;D

It depends on how much glue you use. As with lube, use sparingly. But in reality probably no more effort than removing old silicon.

Yeah, they aren’t even for sale in my country, so I would have to order it from abroad… Probably would get a new yo-yo on the same order to save on cost ;D

Glued it in. With two half-a-drops of super glue. Works like it’s brand new.

Thanks to all of you guys! :slight_smile: