Question Regarding Response

So I’m wondering if it’s possible to remove a yoyo’s response pads and put them back in. I think I could get them out without damaging them at all, but I’m more concerned with them not sticking after putting them back in.

Full story: I’ve been having trouble with my Strix lately, and I recently noticed that the response pads I put in are sitting a bit beyond the response well as opposed to being recessed. These were the first pads that I ever swapped out, so I’m wondering if I just didn’t clean out the response well enough when I originally did the job. I’m hoping I can remove the pads, clean out the well, and then put the pads back in properly.

Thanks for any help.


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Every time I have tried it wouldn’t stick again as when you peal the pad off the glue gets left then you clean it out and now there is not glue on the pad to hold it in if it does stick again there is not enough glue to keep it from stretching and pulling out ruining that pad. Most pads wear out because of the glue or they get so thin they starch easy but yeah one of the weaknesses is the glue and pulling it out and putting it back in removes the glue…
hope that answers your question! :smiley:


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You can use Dollartree Super Glue to put them back in, 2 drops should do it.

That’s all helpful, actually. I’ll give it a try removing the response and using some glue to put it back in. At this point I kind of have to remove it anyways, so nothing’s lost if the glue doesn’t work well enough. Thanks for the suggestions, guys.