so the other day i was practicing with my superstar and i saw a response sitting on the ground, when i picked it up it was ripped and i found out it came out of my superstar, and when i took the other one out and tried playing with it and binded it still came up, so do i really need the response??? and if i do what is it really for if i can bind without it???

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The left over adhesive can help the yo to bind even without the response pad. Chances are, it won’t last.

The response will be tighter with the pads or silicone. Returning the yo to your hand is only half of what the response does. The response actually holds the string and causes friction so that when you throw the yo down, it actually spins. If the string slips as you throw the yo down, the yo will just “thunk” without much spin.

Without the spin you might as well be using a string and a rock.


I feel insulted. A string and a rock is my favorite throw. >:(


well response is very crucial but if you want just buy the responice here: or you can silicone your yoyo with flowable silicone here:


I found this same thing out with my 888 the other day. I could bind it easily off of a snap start, but could never get a good throw off. The string just slipped as I threw. Luckily, the response pads are still intact and it fit right back in and hasn’t come off since, but it’s certainly time to invest in some new ones.


You can buy silicone from YYE here:


never knew they sold silicone here in yye.


The adhesive from the response probably helped it up, or your bearing might need some cleaning, either way the adhesive won’t last very long and if its your bearing you need to clean it and lube it