Protostar and Flowable silicone and other response?

Is RTV silicone applicable to protostar???

Or the yoyojam silicone?.. is it okay if I put it in protostar?


Silicone o-rings? Not sure, but I would think so.

Be sure to ensure the surface is absolutely clean and grease/gum free when you apply silicon on a protostar. The ridge is very slick and silicon may not bind very well. I’ve had silicon tear out of a protostar… however, when it works it works well.

You can also install other branded pads, which may have slightly different response.

I would just get k pads 888 size work

I put in the “bright yellow ‘official’ Slim K-Pad response directly from Kentaro Kimura in Japan” when the stock response wore out after a few weeks, and they seem to be holding up much better, quite snappy binds but no snags using either Slick 6 or 100% poly string.