New Response

I’ve been using my Protostar for about a month, and the binds are starting to get VERY slippy and the string is usually loose around the axle. I think it is time for a new response. I saw that I could just order new K-Pads off of this site but I’ve heard a lot of goods things about using flowable silicone as a response. Is it worth going through all of the extra work to silicone? And if it is, Where can you get good flowable silicone?

Some people think siliconing a yoyo is worth it, some don’t and just get pads or whatever else. You can try it if you want. You can get silicone at any auto parts store.

i use to have a mosquito and i sili recessed it and used rvc red silicone and it worked like a charm i loved it so now i use it on my free hand zero sooo yah i recomend to silicone it!..definatly…


SAME HERE! It’s been almost exactly a month since I got my ProtoStar and already the response has died on me. I tried silicone already but I did a pretty messy job, so I did it again.

The first time I did it my silicone was too flushed so it made my ProtoStar extremely responsive. From all the rubbing of the silicone on the string, it frayed and almost snapped my alchemy string. And that’s saying something if you can snap an alchemy string. So I peeled out the responses and tried again.

The second time I came through with problems. I tried to concave the silicone a bit more, which was somewhat a success. It’s not as responsive but it still was the first time out, which is expected because it needs to be broken in a bit. After an hour or so of breaking in, I found that the silicone was working very well with tight binds and it wasn’t as responsive anymore. However, my bearing got a bit messed up because now it doesn’t spin as well and does not stick to the spacers tightly anymore. My ProtoStar has gotten quieter but it doesn’t sleep as long anymore. I think I got silicone in the bearing or there’s some residue somewhere …

It’s a good idea to use silicone but just be careful if it’s your first time. You may end up having to do it a few more times to get it just right. Note that the ProtoStar has three small holes where the pads rest on. I accidentally got a small piece of cured silicone in a hole and it’s now floating around somewhere in the yo-yo … SO BE CAREFUL!

I used Permatex Silicone Adhesive Sealant. Most people use the gasket maker Permatex kind but I find this one works pretty much the same. It’s a clear gel too.