about pad response


all yoyo that has pad response can be replace by flowable silicone?


yes, just about, besides duncan


not exactly flowable siliconeā€¦its RTVā€¦how long will it last especially on starlite?


it depends how much you play and yes you can use rtv. thats what i prefer


The Starlite will accept silicone just fine. Yo-yos with pad responses usually donā€™t work very well with silicone because the pad recess is to shallow for silicone. But lately the manufacturers have been making almost all yo-yos with silicone recesses and just putting in their own ā€˜silicone replacementā€™ pad.


will starlite can accept the rtv?


yes any yoyo with a recess


how long will it last if I play everyday??is the starlite has deep groove?


i cant exactly estimate how long it would last for people but for me it lasts 1-3 months


are you using starlite also?


It should last you a long time. Just do it. Itā€™s WAY cheaper in the long run.



Yes. and it has the same recess as the protostar, northstar, and all their metals. They keep everything the same other than the bearing size soā€¦They all can be siliconed.