A few questions.

Well, the last thread I made was not really useful for me, so I’ll make another one.

I want to kow weather you can buy the stock silicone that comes in Peaks, or do they just flowable sislicone it?

Not exactly sure…

They sell it on YoYoNation here: http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16234&cat=0&page=1

And on YoYoExpert, if it will fit, you could try YYJ silicone o-ring. Those work good for me.

All flowable silicone is, is it’s a silicone sticker. I’m sure you could buy tubes of it at Home Depot, or Lowes, ACE, Rocky’s, and other places. :wink:

The silicone in the Peaks is hand done by them.

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Ok, so I would have to flowable silicone it. I’ll get to work on that.

Good luck! :wink:

(Don’t ruin the Yo-Yo :P)

It would be pretty hard to ruin the yoyo completely by siliconing it. Oh, and Paolo, I fixed that X-Convict :slight_smile:

Unless you’re me and put silicone everywhere on the yoyo!

Yeah, just finished. The first half I did turned out like crap, the next one was like when it came.

Glad to hear you fixed the X-ConVict Samad.

What silicone did you use? I really haven’t tried but I am thinking about it.

Bought some from Wal-Mart.

It wouldn’t matter what silicone he used, you could always get it perfect, or mess-up every time with any brand. :wink:

I think he mean the brand of silicone. :slight_smile:

I know, I wan’t sure at the time of when I was writing the post. It was LocTite silicone.

I just use the flowable silicone from yyn :stuck_out_tongue:

Any flowable silicone/silicone will work - it’s just how you apply it. :slight_smile:

Actually flowable is the most grippy. I used some blue RTV silicone with one of my yoyos and the string still slid around. The flowable fixed this.

Ok, I didn’t like my flowable silicone job, So I might want to try K-Pads.

From my last topic:

Are there links to regular sized K-Pads, or any regular sized pads, I coundn’t find any on YoYoNation or here.


Nothing there either.



Try those for now. I’ll keep trying. :wink: