How are pads made?

Anybody know? Its been a question in my mind for awhile. What is the process of making typical pads such as snow tires or 19 mm respose?

With silicone, to a particular depth, and something to cut them out to the proper inner, and outer, diameter.

I always assumed they laid down a sheet of silicone, then stamped out the pads. Seems like that would be the most efficient way.

Yes but were would they get it? Ryosuke Iwasawa couldn’t just get the silicone from any were. Im just wondering if he made it himself or some weird store that he just buys the sillicone from.

Any store sells silicone,even walmart. COuld be from anywhere

I’m sure the silicone goes through some type of roller or press to make it to a desired thickness. I used to make my own pads out of Plasti-Dip just as Chuck did with his Chaz Pads, and just as the original Baz Pads were made i.e. og Eetsit pads.

You see when a boy silicone pad and a girl silicone pad come together…

JKJK Its probably cut from a sheet, because some silicone pads still have some small pieces of silicone that is evident that it was cut

Cut from a sheet. Look at the OneDrop Flow Groove pads.

From what I have heard it is heated so it is a liquid and poured on to the sheets to desired thickness then cut to size. People can mess with the ingredients to make it either harder/softer and add colors…

Well, if you really wanna know…

Every seven years, the long line of Kimmits have ventured into The Rockies to meet the last remaining pterodactyl that whispers to them the secret of where the chest of magical pad-making-imps is. This happens to be in the Sahara desert, in a quicksand pit that is actually just a portal to a different universe where the old elf-man lives and guards the imp chest.

The Kimmit who has made the journey to this universe has to fight this guard in a pinky wrestling tournament, which are known for the pain involved in succeeding in defeating your opponent. The Kimmit (The last who went was Jensen, 4 years ago) who does this match, always succeeds because they practice with a gnome every Tuesday over a cup of tea. After he succeeds in defeating the elf-man, he gets the chest and opens it. The imps then jump out and do their impersonation of Simon & Garfunkel which magically summons silicone pads out of the rubber tree plant from ancient Egypt.

These pads are then distributed throughout the yoyo community and slowly used up over the course of seven years, and in three years, Jensen will have to venture again.

So yeah that’s basically it.


best explanation so far.

there use to be a tutorial on ‘nother board…usin’ platic dip.

pm me - and i’ll see if i can dig up the link.



baz pads?