Making pads


So I need more 555 size pads, but I’d definitely like to see if a homemade option was possible. I was thinking I could pour a sheet of silicone onto fabric tape, similar to a Duncan sticker. Has anyone tried this?


Plasti-Dip works amazingly. I made a bunch several years ago. Get a sticker maker from Hobby Lobby and run them through to make the back sticky. You’ll have to play with it a lot to get the preferred thickness and you’ll need to find punches with the exact size. They are expensive for the exact size.


Yeah I read about Baz Pads a long time ago when YYN was up.
I was thinking I could just use an old pad as a stencil and slice the pads out with a razor. Not looking to make a whole lot of them so a little extra time is fine with me if it will get the job done.
About how much do you think each punch would cost?


I’ve gone the razor blade with stencil route and it works but it’s a pain and a hassle when the pad ends up being awkward in shape. It will try your patience…

The price per pad (ppp) is really low once you get everything established how you like. The Xyron sticker maker is around $20. Plasti-Dip is like $8-ish? You’ll need nonstick cookie-sheets which is inexpensive… We’ll just say $35 for all of that and then whatever you put into the razor and such. I used a razor that was like holding a pencil and it had a swivel on the end so it rotated when you turned. I got it from Hobby Lobby too for about $4 and it comes with extra blades.

So you’re looking at maybe $45 to start. You could, potentially, make hundreds of pads with all of this so you may pay ~$0.10 per pad? Maybe less but probably more just starting.

Once you get in a rhythm it’s cake.


Got it. I think I’ll look into doing that.
Also do you think anyone here might be able to make circle punches?



I actually machined one myself, out of titanium, a few years ago but I would have to hunt it down… but someone that can machine would be able to do it fairly easily since it could be done pretty quickly on a lathe. Make a WTB thread in the BST and maybe someone would do it for a fee.

You probably wouldn’t want one made of Al since it’s pretty soft and the sharp edge would dull quickly.


Alright thanks for all the help :stuck_out_tongue:


Hardware stores usually sell steel or SS tubing in various diameters, if you can’t find large enough tubing, you may have to use a small diameter pipe nipple. Sharpen the edge on a grinder or using a file.


So, you want to pour out a sheet of silicon then punch out the pads? That sounds difficult. I would getting some air dry clay, pressing a pad into it, then pour silicon into the indent. Then somehow turning the silicon pad into a sticker. That seems a lot cheaper and easier. I think. I haven’t tried that.


It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Going off of what you said, it sounds like you’re talking about using the clay as a mold. I can picture it but how would you get the freshly poured silicone out of the clay without destroying it?


Don’t most companies make pads by punching out sheets? Or making molds?


I’m fairly sure it is just poured into sheets.


Yes, just look at the pads that are sold, they come on a non-stick backing sheet and most of them have material around them that you just peel off around existing punched cuts.


I need to mix Plasti-Dip with naphtha so it thins out right?