Best response for a Duncan Metal Drifter...flowable silicone???

I was wondering if you could flowable silicone a metal drifter. seems like if you did it right, or on one side you could, thoughts?

Well it’s not recessed for it. Maybe, but it’d be a really thin pad. I doubt it. Feel free to try it, though!

Best response would be Duncan 12mm Silicone Stickers.


Use pads. Silicone will rip out in 5 minutes, every time. Needs a deeper recess.

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CLean the bearing out really good and then when the silicone stickers wear down, put in fresh Duncan 12mm silicone stickers.

to make it unresponsive. ;D

Yup. Thanks for reading my mind. I typed that in a hurry! You da man!

:smiley: Your Actually “Da’ Man”