Is the metal drifter recess deep enough for flowable sili

is it?


You Say No, I say Yes. Well Technically No, but I have done both of mine with Blue RTV and it works Great. I sili 1 side and it wroks great for at least a month, not as long as others but hey it works and makes it a lil better In My Opinion check out these pics

I used the Blue RTV Silicone from my Local Auto Store and an Old Gift Card like in the Tutorials on how to Silicone a Yo Yo on You Tube. I guess if you want the Sili feel and don’t mind Siliconing it once in awhile then I say do it, I did it even after someone told me I couldn’t and I was glad I didn’t listen lol. It’s all in your own Opinion. Take your sticker out carefully and save it just in-case your not happy or mess up at least you still have your response sticker.

It is possible to slicone a Metal Drifter.

What’s your rationale and proof as to why it is not ideal…

I mean that the Metal Drifter isn’t the best yoyo that accepts siliconing. I take away “not ideal” for the confusion.

I’ve put flowable in it.

I’ve tried Flowable and in my Opinion it’s a little more responsive then RTV on the Drifter. I think with a KK or Center Trac Bearing and 1 side Siliconed on a Drifter actually Makes it a Smoother, Better Throw. Plays great and Binds nice and the Silicone will work all the way till there is metal showing Through and even the it works pretty good. It’s weird I know, But what I don’t understand is that people say “It’s not deep enough”, “It Won’t work”, “it won’t stick”, “It’s not Ideal” LoL J/K Skeleton, But I went and did it anyway and honestly I don’t see what people are Talking about other then having to change it more then you would any normal Throw. But I think that the Performance out weighs the Maintenance or replacing the silicone.

ok then…