Do I just pour flowable silicone in the yo-yo?

Hey everyone,
Could someone tell me, if I bought a yo-yo that has silicone stickers or even small CBC pads, and if the response wears out could I just buy a tube of flowable silicone from any store and pour it in the yo-yo without having to modifying it?
Thanks in advance.

Stickers, no. It has to have a recess at least at deep as k-pads, but having deep enough for o-rings is better. To learn how to do this whole process, you could watch this video, or try searching around for another one if you really need it.

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Well, it really depends on what yoyo you get. A Duncan yoyo like the Freehand Zero needs to be recessed before you can put silicone in. For a Yoyojam yoyo that uses a o-ring, like the Dark Magic, you can just remove the o-ring and then put the silicone in. You can silicone pretty much any yoyo that has a recess in the response area. I’d also recomend (if possible) that you remove the bearing before you try to aply the silicone, or else some of it may get in your bearing, harden, and slow your bearing down.

I hope your succesful in your first “sili” job!

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So will yo-yos like the Legacy, the Atmosphere, or New Breed need to be modified or not.

They will not. You can use flow able with those three stock.

I can’t say silicone holds very long in celcon yoyos in my opinion though.

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Thanks everyone for the help.