sili recess mishap?

i silli recessed my duncan throw monkey. its my first recess. now its responsive. i dont know whats wrong. i used normal silicone. it says bath tub chauk.

Did you silicone recess it or silicone it?

I’m assuming you siliconed it, and is the silicone recessed within the recess or is it flush or is it raised?

i have no idea what you are talking about. can you explain those in english please?
it was a bit high but i sanded it down. would pics help?(tell me how to put them on if you want them)

That isn’t how you do it. The picture has to be on the internet. To do that you will have to upload it to an image hosting website. is a quick one. Then right click on the picture on the website and click “Copy Image Location”. Then paste that between image tags like this:

your image url here.jpg

Apetrunk is asking whether you cut a recess into the yo-yo or if you just put silicone in a recess that was already there. Bath caulk is not what you want to be using. You should use automotive silicone; either gasket maker or flowable. Silicone also is fairly responsive at first. Once you break it in, however, it is a very unresponsive, tight binding, long lasting response system.

i just put the silicone in it. could you maybe give me a picture of those types of silicone so i can redo it?

Whether you did it right or not, silicone often has a “break in” period like bearings for it to be unresponsive.

okay thanks!

Well if you just put the silicone in, that is why it’s responsive. You want to recess it first, THEN put the silicone in.

okay so i have to youtube how to recess a yoyo, do it, and it will be unresponsive?

If you youtube it, then you learn how to recess it.
It’s not going to make it unresponsive by watching a video.

Some of you aren’t very helpful. shame on you. lol

You need to recess the yoyo. That’s cutting a groove in the yoyo.
Then you need to put some RTV silicone in it like mrcnja posted the pics of.
then you need to make sure that the silicone is just under the lip of the recess.
Then you need to clean your bearing getting all the thick lube out of it.
Add a very tiny amount of thin lube to assure it won’t lock up you in the future and viola.

thanks. but, how close to the bearing should the groove be? how deep? i watched a video and it said to spin it on a drill and make a groove with a jewellers screwdriver, but i do not have one, what do i do?

my point is to do it myself. i dont want to pay ten bucks for some thing that takes about 10 mins. not that its a ripoff just that my money is limited.

You can buy it for 10 dollars and have it right, or you can do it for 10 minutes and be more frustrated because you didnt do it right / broke your yo.

well… i like doing things like this. so i want to do it myself.

Yeah, everybody has to start somewhere. Just try it out and hopefully you do a nice job at it. :wink:

i have recessed quite a few yoyos in my day and the throwmonkeys gap is to small even with a recess and sili to be unresponsive you’ll basically give it semi-permanent silicone stickers

but if you highwall it then recess and sili it might work but dont feel bad even with a perfect recess a throwmonkey will still be responsive

Source: Personal experience XD

unless you put the biggest spacers in it.