FHZ mod

i want to mod a FHZ. i ant to paint and recess it. 1. how do you do a recess? 2. how do you get the caps off of a FHZ? if more questions pop into my head, ill post them.

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I’m asking for help with modding. This is the right section.

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To get the caps off, take the yoyo apart and fut the point of the axle against the floor and push down on the sides of the yoyo. The axle will come out and press the cap out with it. Then, take the axle completely out of that side and put the end without the head into the axle hole on the other half. put the axle on the floor and push again.

To get a recess, put the axle on one half backwards so the axle is sticking out where the cap normally is. Put the axle in a drill and spin it. Use a knife or sharpened screwdriver to cut a groove into the yoyo where you want the silicone. You might want to look at a yoyojam yoyo or something so you can see how much space should be between the bearing and the recess.