Need some help modding!

I have a clear FHZ that I bought for 15 dollars from a friend at school. It is the worst kinda beat I have ever seen. I wanna know how to remove dings from it. Tyler49 whatever said you could use a nail filer, so does this work? Also, I wanna paint it, pad recess preferably but sili I think is easier, and satin it. What tools will I need? What power grit sandpaper will I need to satin it? I am also a first time FHZ modder. Please help!

you can find all this info by usin the search bar. i have also pm’d u.

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Look around in the modification and matinence section

I did but nothing about removing scuffs!

Taking dings out - use a fine file to remove or smooth any rough edges. That’s about the best you can do w/dings. Filing the whole thing smooth will probably make the yoyo unbalanced, so just trim the edges. If they are only scuffs instead of gouges, just use sandpaper as noted below.

Satin work - 300 grit wet/dry paper.

Thank for the advice. Really helped. Most of scuffs and scrathes. What tools should I use though to pad/sili recess? And are there any good vids on how to paint a FHZ?

Silicone recess:

How to get great recesses with a drill

A couple of vids:

But I still do not understand how to sili recess it. ???

Any help with pad or sili recessing? That vid kinda sucked!

Well, all the references given above pretty much explain it in detail. I’ve heard good comments about them. Sorry if you find them lacking.

There are soooooo many videos about sili recessing.

Tools:plastic spoon, pliers, knife, silicone with nozzle or syringe, 2 hands, and recessed yoyo.

Step 1: remove response with a knife or pliers

Step 2: put in silicone with small squeezes creating beads all around your yoyo above the line.

Step 3: Use spoon to remove excess silicone so it looks like a germ could use it as a half pipe.

Step 4: Wipe off spilled silicone with paper towel or something and let dry.

Step 6: se how responsive it is. If too much then use knife to cut some away. This will leave it jagged but will smoothen out after use.

YoyoMango, that is a guide for putting silicone in a yo-yo. Silicone recessing involves cutting a recess into the yo-yo to hold silicone.

oh. Well thats 5 minutes i’m not gettin’ back. I thought he meant putting silicone in the recess because the vid for making a recess is very good.

I thought so too. ::slight_smile:

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