d42kn355 Mods:Yet another modded FHZ, Pro-Z, Hayabusa


First time recessing and first time painting an FHZ :slight_smile:

Freshly wiped caps. Left the Duncan logo on both. I like this a lot. It plays great with the recess I did,and I am satisfied with the paint job. Good work me on my first recess…

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Looks great! I love it! There is just something about pink FHZ’s that i like.


That looks amazing.




That’s dope


A Duncan Toys Hayabusa that I Sili Recessed one side to accept OD Flow Groove Pads, and I painted it, sadly the cap with the Pink Space Invader cracked, and became a mess to work with, but other than that, it turned out great, plays awesome for 1a and 5a, and can still be used for 4a.

And A Pro-Z which I Sili Recessed one of its Mod Spacers:


Wow, those are sick!


Yes they are…


Anyone else every try recessing for their first time? if so, how did it go? what was your set up? what tools, etc.


I recessed an fhz a while back. It turned out great! I used a regular screwdriver, a drill, and a piece of wood to support the screwdriver

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What I did when I modded some yoyos was use a drill press and a router bit that would cut a recess the width I wanted.(duncan pad.)
I then took the fh2 apart any duncan can be modded this way.
Took a bolt like the axle but not the axle and bolted it down to a board in a way I could still spin the piece but it couldn’t move from side to side.
Then I just used the screw adjust in the press to slowly move the bit to the depth I wanted while turning the yoyo by hand. It makes a nice smooth factory like recces. You can control the depth very well since you are using the screw guide on the drill press.
I really liked it, was a little bit of hassle to set it up for the first yoyo but then I had that jig made so I just had to slam any duncan yoyo body on it and I could cut on it more. I also did a ring job with the same set up. It worked perty good but probably would have been better if I knew the shape to make the attachment point. I just guess and it worked but there was a small gap on the outside of the body to the ring. After that I gave up modding. lol


I recessed an FH2 today, Plays so perfectly unresponsive
Fits CLYW Snow Tires perfectly. The pads that are in it currently are K-Pads made for CLYW to the size of Snow Tires. These are not the new aqua snow tires, these came out long before. They play excellent!



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Getting a lathe soon so I can start creating my own wood throws and modding plastics!


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