Why do we not quote large posts?


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mrcnja why shouldn’t we quote the post directly above? Isn’t the quote to show that you are responding? I never read that in the rules that you couldn’t do that. It doesn’t make much sense…


Well if its a very long post with pics and stuff, its clear that you are responding to that, and, its just rhetorical.


It is implied that you are replying to either the poster before you or the topic at large when you post. Quoting someone is used when it is necessary to explicitly show that you are replying to someone/something in specific or to show that you are replying to something that is on the fringe of being related to the topic at hand. Quoting large posts clutters threads without need. If you need to quote someone whose post is large, it is best to cut their quote down to only that which is needed. This leads to more clarity as to exactly what you are replying to and limits the size of your own post. This is not against our current rules per se (they could use some modification for the sake of clarity and thoroughness), but it falls under the jurisdiction of “keep this forum clean.”

Let’s look at a specific example. Bcmaddog quoted a post whose content was roughly 1050px in height. Add in minimal toolbars and that is larger than the vertical height of a 1920x1080 monitor. The content he added to the thread in reply to this quote is a single word:

Now, this thread is dedicated to d42kn355’s mods and d42kn355 just posted a new mod. From this context it is easy to infer that Bcmaddog was commenting in admiration of this latest mod even without the quote being included in his post. Therefore, Bcmaddog’s quoting of d42kn355 failed to add any additional clarity to whom he was replying as well as adding an extra clutter to this thread, which is why I edited his post to remove the quote.


There is no rule, it’s just common sense. Why take up all of that space. If you feel that some part of the original post is needed, trim it down to that part, or just trim it after the first sentence so people get the idea of what you are replying to. The same goes for people who quote posts containing numerous pics, probably for the 6th time someone has quoted them. Trim out the pics, we’ve already seen them. And as mrcnja says, it’s usually a one or two word reply.


something like what I’m doing here works adequately. Or even just using a small portion of the post that you’re actually commenting on.


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Hey mrcnja, I have a question. (I’m seriously not trying to be disrespectful in any way I’m just curious) Why is it wrong to quote the post above you? doesn’t that show who and/or what you’re addressing? The person above you knows that you’re adding to their comment, not just stating something out of the blue. It could also add to a joke. (like what I did)

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Yup. I agree with this.

(If I had not quoted the post above me I could have been addressing the fact that I agree with the whole diverse animals thing, which I don’t. It’s really obnoxious)

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Every single one of your edited posts includes a link to the reasoning behind it. It truly is redundant, and if you guys don’t realize that, there’s really a larger issue to worry about in terms of how conversation is handled with you guys. I mean, as far as even including the /entire post/ and /pictures/? I have a feeling the quote button has replaced the reply one, and that truly is an issue.

You should be concerned with the inverse. Conversation often occurs in a linear manner. It’s assumed that the topic at hand is going to be the context of the replies. If you want to bring up a previously made point or something specific to one of many matters, such as a clarification of disapproval, you can quote a /previously/ made point that could have been lost in lieu of current matters. It’s pretty simple.

Proper nouns also help, instead of just blurting out an incomplete statement underneath a quote. “I agree with Legyoyo.” Literally super easy, and doesn’t add to the clutter.


(Again not trying to be disrespectful, I appreciate the mods and all they do) but isn’t that more of a preference than an actual issue? (Also if someone just clicked on this thread an went down to read my comment [and not yours pat] he wouldn’t know I meant the ‘not quoting’ issue he’d think i meant a design flaw in diverse animals!)
A while ago I remember a certain somebody would never use periods and she got a lot of heat, but it wasn’t a rule to use periods it was a preference. And many didn’t like it, but no mods went and put periods and commas in. I think this is the same. If you want to ensure maximum understanding and funniness you have to quote, or it won’t be read as one joke. And though some (like you guys) think its redundant and unnecessary I don’t think it should be a rule to not quote, I think it’s your preference.
But of course you are the mods, and again I mean no disrespect. I’m simply trying to make a point.

EDIT: Especially if there’s more than one conversation going on at once.

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It’s not a rule not to quote unnecessarily, it’s courtesy. It’s also only funny or informative if you’re using it correctly. What’s happening here is unnecessary and counterintuitive. Regarding how individuals structure posts, consider first what the reader is going to have to do to absorb, or in many of your cases, decipher, your posts. None of you have achieved what Legyoyo describes as optimal usage. It’s not a conundrum of wether or not to use quotes at all, it’s when and how.


But it’s not hurting or breaking the rules, why are quotes being removed? It may be unnecessary but so are forum games. I personally can’t see why you are removing, and think its a bit silly, but so is arguing over it. And since you guys are the mods (and I a lowly user) and aren’t changing your minds. I’ll stop quoting (In the way you think is bad)

Ps. Still not trying to insult in any way.

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I understand questioning, especially when it’s a force of habit, but there’s a difference between what clutter means in someone’s thread, and in an environment specifically allowing non-sequitur and nonsense. As stated, it’s courtesy, and you really must consider people that /aren’t you/ when it comes to how posts are being read.

How about this: regardless of your “personal preference” towards clutter, if it blatantly occurs in this thread, it will be pruned or revised, as has already been demonstrated. Of course readability is considered. If the quote is appropriately used, which you ought to be doing anyways, then there’s no issue. Keep this in mind.