Quoting posts with pictures

I think it would be a good thing if when you quote a post that has pictures, you remove them from the quoted material, especially if there are a lot of pictures in the post. Leaving them in achieves no purpose, as they are already posted by the OP. Besides, it clutters things up. Often times someone will quote a post that contains 5 or 6 pictures of yoyos and their only response is “Cool!” ::slight_smile:


^^^ What he said.

Unless you’re quoting something about the picture.

Then make a comment about it in the post like, “Hey Billy, I really like your yoyo pictures, but why does the red one in the 3rd pic have a bugger on it?” No need to include the pics again to get your point across.

Good idea jhb, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and have found quoting pictures to largely be useless and annoying. You have already changed the system, so you can’t quote other quotes, so go for it! This is a great idea!

That’s not an available board setting feature.
So it’s up to YOU.

Yeah, that would work better.

Sorry. I must be feeling a bit angry tonight.

I would learn how to read the minimal mark-up that this forum uses, and then learn to manually edit out the “offending parts” out of the quoted reply.

It does take some experience and getting used to, but it’s not all that difficult to do. I do completely agree with the need/want/desire to NOT reply and quote with the pictures injected into the quote. I have followed my own advice and I routinely remove that stuff from my responses.