WHOAH! Pull over YYE Police

So here we go. I recently was asked in a light hearted fashion to post pics in a thread. I replied something like, “never” and didn’t. Over night the personal messages came in saying that I needed to follow the rules and post pics.

I have a few thoughts on this:

  1. Most of the members here haven’t ever read the rules.

  2. You really shouldn’t instruct others to follow the rules when you don’t know what they are.

  3. The moderators are exceptional on YYE and they take care of rule breakers.

  4. I know that many of you spend your time taking pictures of everything you do. I truly don’t understand why, as long as it makes you happy it’s perfect! I know you have a different perspective than I do but I choose to live my life in the moment without documenting everything I do. I have nothing to prove and things to do!

  5. I dislike wasting time uploading pics to my computer and then again to a forum. Sorry that’s me and I am fine with you disliking that. In fact I find picture taking takes from the experience of the moment.

  6. Consider, do you like talking yoyo more than yoyoing and most other things? That’s fine but that’s not everyone. (So I don’t have pics or care to have pics.)

  7. I’m not mad but a bit annoyed. Don’t pm me to tell me what to do if you have an issue with one of my posts, just report it to the moderators. They’ll take care of it.

  8. Remember it’s always good practice not to read my posts If they annoy you.

  9. I know the new forum format, with it’s rewards and achievements, makes you all feel empowered to do things like this, but should you, should I? Before you even attempt to inform others of the rules you need to have a crystal clear understanding of the rules.

  10. That’s all

I’m going to go out and have another no pic day! :smiley:


I’m not sure I’m following you exactly, but I think someone Pmed you and yelled at you that you had better add pictures to a post you made?

If so that’s really kind of ridiculous, and to claim that you’re breaking the rules by not doing so is even more ridiculous.

Just wanted to say I totally agree about the constantly taking pictures. Ive seen many people at a concert so busy trying to record a video, that they’re not even paying attention to the show they payed to see. People are always taking pictures of things, and I agree that it has to degrade the experience for them. And I really wonder if these people ever even look at these pictures again. I’ve got friends with pho es full of hundreds of photos that they e never once looked at, but HAD to capture at the cost of totally missing the moment as it happened.

Weird, but then again, I don’t even have a Facebook account, so maybe I just don’t understand.


I read all of the rules through twice after I made my account, lol, that’s just me though.


Me too! I love reading rules; it new me of me of grammar :crazy_face:


Same, lol.

Not disagreeing with you, but let me add my perspective. I enjoy taking still life photos, and recording trick Circles of my own.

Taking a decent quality picture of a yo-yo is not really a live-action thing, and I see it more as a form of Art. So I don’t really feel like I’m missing anything.

And filming trick circles is another form of Art. My goal is to help Inspire others and to keep a visual log of my progress. Occasionally, when I’m feeling like I’m in a yoyo rut, I will browse through some of my older trick circles and it reminds me of how far I’ve come.

I definitely agree about the filming of things like concerts and parades and other live-action things. I would much rather be in the moment than watching it through a screen.


Totally. Photography can be an incredible form of art, and I’m not knocking anyone taking pictures ever lol.

I guess I’m referring to people trying to capture events as they’re happening (concerts and the like) and missing what’s right in front of them


@skitrz I’m sorry to hear this. I don’t think there’s any harm in making small talk in a thread like that. Now, if it’s going to turn into a long-winded discussion, it might be better to switch gears and take that up through personal messaging or in another thread dedicated to discussion.

But it is a thread dedicated to yoyos. I think it’s generally expected that people share pictures of what they are throwing, but it’s not mandatory. The OP didn’t even mention anything about pictures, it was just a question:

And there is no rule on the FAQ page concerning anything about this. The only thing that sounds even remotely possible as a violation, is staying on topic. But even still, is a light-hearted protest considered veering off topic?

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10 thoughts is more than a few.


:rotating_light: YYE FORUM RULES ALERT!!!1@!@one :rotating_light:

Well, my observation here was just a comment…

I just like to see pics of awesome yo-yos, SO SUE ME IF YOU MUST! Anyways it was more of a why-not-both-girl.gif type of comment, obviously, not a rule issue? Nobody has to post pics in the “what are you throwing” topic. It’s not, like, required by law or anything. :wink:

I do wonder though

Why so? just take the pic on your phone and upload it to the forum from your phone. Works :peach:y.


I spent a whopping 30 seconds taking a picture with my phone and uploading it on here the other day.

That’s 30 seconds of my life that I’ll never get back that @skitrz will have


I recall reading he’s anti-smartphone though so that might be the real reason.

No smartphone? I got three words for you @skitrz … TREAT. YO. SELF. … treat yo’ self


Yep nothing in the rules about posting pics…


Thanks @YoYoExpertGarrett!

Got it! If Codinghorror says it, do it! If I don’t any member should feel free to shoot me a pm. If that’s how it works now that’s how it works. :wink:


Well, that’s how I think it should work… not sure everyone agrees with me on that :rofl:


A lot of people today don’t feel the need to experience an event so long as they properly document their presence at it. The only social caché in going to such things is being able to say you were there. Being fully present and actually taking in an experience is likely regarded as pointless since one’s memories of it have no social media value.


^^^ This. Totally this.

This mentality is a large part of why I left all social media years ago


Yes! Brilliantly put!

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I can’t help but think it is an outgrowth of the “Pics or it didn’t happen!” mentality that is deeply woven into the fabric of online interaction. And as we all know, online interaction is becoming the only interaction a lot of people have today.


Sometimes I see couples at Starbucks and they almost never lift their heads up from their phones. Young as well as older couples. I only have my own life to live so I shouldn’t care what other people do. I do like to observe people. I like to see photos of what people are throwing because I don’t always remember what some yoyos look like.

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I like yoyo photos because a lot of the time it’s like getting to see a work of art I’d never get to see in person.