yoyo X photography

post your best shots!
here are some of my favorites

Yeah umm, about that cascade. I think you’ll find that we’re on YYE. Might wanna check the background. Advertising for other sites is a no-no.

Oh, whoops.

This one turned out pretty good:

C3 Token YYE 2 by gregpettit, on Flickr






One more closet shot. And my setup

This was just a test photo to test a new lense…I really like the way it turned out.

Very nice color.

I always love the pictures that yoyoskills has.

Jesus Christ man, no one would have even thought twice about that if you hadn’t brought it up. Going and making a post espousing another site and claiming YYE is a horrible company would be one thing, but something like this is completely irrelevant. Boy am I glad you’re not a mod, I’d never come back here.

It’s not “irrelevant”, but it’s still mentioning another site. When I first joined YYE, my avatar was a picture of a yoyo from YYN. I was quickly notified that I had to change it. It’s been a common policy that anything from other stores shouldn’t be on YYE. It’s just quite rude, and not very nice to Andre. You may not see it as being that bad, but it’s still against the rules.

Deleted photo.

At the time that I am writing this reply, there were 370 views on this topic. The chances of a mod NOT seeing this is slim to none. Its been seen, and the picture was left. The mods here are VERY fast to slap down something that they deem inappropriate. This forum gets a little bit too crazy sometimes with trying to police itself. I think it stinks you took it down because honestly, it was a very good photo.

Bring back the photo, I missed it.

Lol. Don’t cry.

Pre-Pro Supernova