YoYoYakuza & J.Black Photography


This thread is all about yoyos and photography. Comment and tell me what you think! The subject in all the photos is me (obviously), LC3/YoYoYakuza and the photos are taken and edited by my brother, J.Black.


The yoyo, the sky, the sunset, fantastic!


They look great!


This one too!


Those are awesome great quality and visuals


The first one with the sunset in the backround is absolutely stunning! The second one also has a really stylistic approach to it! The third picture was also really cool, but I thought that since the yoyo and string were a little blurry that it took away from the overall picture. Also, the lighting seemed a little off in the third picture. Ignoring my last two sentences, he did a really great job! Keep it up!


I really like the first photo


Great shots, very nice camera. I think a neat shot would be a close up of your face with sunglasses reflecting a nice yoyotrick and a sweet background. Not sure if you can see what I’m saying, but if you can get that one, I think it would be cool.

(Ellie) #9

eh, the saturation is killer


Yea we’re gonna get some more good ones today I think

(Yo^2) #11

I totally dig the “Thank you for your patronage” sign in #3. Very cool.


Nice. I feel good when I yoyo by the sunset


Made this ad to help kristiawan out with the Serum. We’re gonna make a better quality one soon.


Sweet looks really professional and it makes the product look great.


super shots, love the sunset freaking cool…

ginny ;D


Thanks guys! I’m hoping that kristiawan can use the ad, he hasn’t gotten back to me yet


What camera and software did he use?


Thanks man, I really like the pic.
I hope you really enjoy the yoyo.


those are some really sweet looking pics! love the color on the sky in the first pic a lot. great work!


What happens when you YoYo too much?