Show off your Yoyo Photography!

During my long week hiatus from my relative’s place I was thinking of shooting some photos for my desktop wallpaper + showcasing my latest collection for blog when I go back to my office, while I randomly scroll down some yoyo photos on Instagram for inspiration I stumble a post from yyr that pique my interest and I did just that.

The setup is pretty basic and I only need a few materials plus my smartphone to do this, here’s also my behind the scenes on how I did it. I could’ve been more proud of the end result.

I’m planing on posting some more of these in various landmarks soon instead of white background, I’m curious to see your yoyo photos and share it on the thread!


That’s very cool!

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Thank you! @AKYOYOMIKE

I would by no means consider myself a photographer at all but shooting pics on film is definitely a favorite hobby of mine, and I love shooting on digital mediums too, whether that’s my DSLR or even iPhone. Here’s a few favorite fun shots I’ve taken in the past year or so that.

This is probably my all time favorite shot I’ve taken, it was taken on film of my Motif. Something about the mirror-like reflective surface of the Motif during golden hour hits just right.

My next favorite is my end of 2022 collection shot. The aesthetic of all the colors blending together like a color wheel is mezmerizing, and the sheer number of yoyos on one table keeps your eyes wandering from throw to throw. Not taken on film, just my trusty Lumix DSLR.

This shot of my Panorama with a blended Margarita off to the side looks straight up out of a sixties ad or something. The aesthetic of a dimly lit, smoky bar in the mid century era is one of my favorite things to emulate and I think I captured that pretty well here. Taken on the DSLR.

Haven’t really experimented much with night shots but this pic I took of my Hatrick 2 makes me want to do it a hell of a lot more often.

This shot of my gold Grail is one of my favs cause the colors are so pleasing to me. The forest green, understated gold, and skin tones all contrast so nicely here IMO. This was one of the first pics of yoyos I took on film.

Last but not least, another shot of my Panorama. Took this a couple days ago on my phone, it’s overlooking Davao City, The Philippines, where my now fiancé (!!!) grew up. Besides just being a great looking picture, this shot is special to me because it’s what is probably my favorite yoyo over an incredible city filled with incredible people.

So excited to see what everyone else posts!


I love these two photos.


Love my little light box I built. Some of my fav yoyos.


I am in no way a professional, but I have a few good shots



Cosmic shot of some Planet 9s and an out of control trompo.


This goes hard


A few years ago I was trying to get a photo with the yo-yo going towards the full moon. The camera was on a tripod and I was telling my wife when to snap the shots. I wouldn’t have believed that it would even be possible to get this shot, I credit it to using a TK yo.


I really enjoy taking photos! I would love to be a photographer one day! I’m definitely not a professional but I certainly try to get the perfect shot when it comes to photography. Here are a few yo-yo pics I took as of lately!


This shot got the most love when I posted it. The caps on the green one are black until you put some light behind them.


Posted this on the G2 FB page today. Was happy with how it turned out.


I think this is the only photo Ive taken that’s beyond “floating hand holding a yoyo”


. Greetings and salutations.


Classics are classics for a reason!


anotha one


My weird idea that kinda turned out cool.


This would be dope for 5a players lol