Your Favorite Yoyo Photos

How is there not already a thread about yoyo pictures? Sometimes don’t we just like looking at all the yoyos? :wink:

Post photos of your collection or your favorite throws!

I’ll start with some pics I took myself…

Nice photos! 8)

Actually, there is a whole section devoted to yo-yo pictures and the like. :wink:

here’s mine!

Just want to share mine too!.. :smiley:

a couple of mine

Here’s mine.

showing may crap setup but awesome for first time ever takin pix pix


I think some one does 3A :wink:


i wish lol i just took the pics in halves i tried 3a im just not ambidextrous at all max sleep with my yuuksta left handed is maybe 30 secs so ya lol i wish i had that money and skillz =P


CLYW Sasquatch (My Fave throw) spinning shot

I like how this shot came out. It reminded me of one of my dad’s old pictures of Gibson Guitars when he used to work in the Memphis plant.

That is hot!

^ Yay Deadmau5!

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Freehand Sunday

Nice mods. Wish I could mod like that, best mod I’ve done is sand down my Hectic’s rims…

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nice picture. i love yuuksta’s

Thanks! I snapped those w/ my iPhone 4! Its not mine it’s wiibits.

but they are nice anyway