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Need to get rid of this software automatically deleting a quote. Or people going in and modifying someone’s quote. If I quote something it’s for a reason, no one should be allowed to modify, delete or edit something someone has said (unless it’s vulgar/hateful). I’ve added photos to a quote, for a reason, and go back and my quote is modified removing the photo. Or I quote someone to reply to them and then my quote gets completely deleted.

@AndreBoulay @YoYoExpert Can this be addressed?

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@codinghorror is the man to talk to. It’s his software


Correct, but Andre pays the bills :wink:

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What does that have to do with anything?


I haven’t run into this issue. Do you have an example of what you’re talking about @AaronW


The “Fixed Axle Throws” thread, I quoted Glen’s comment above me about weight, and the software deleted the quote. It was there, then when the page refreshed it deleted. You can click the “edit” button to see the edits made to the post and see that the quote was there.

Last week I had several notifications and it was that codinghorror edited some of my comments and removed the photos from the quote I made.

I understand Jeff has his own ideas on how forums and discussions should operate, but his ideas should not be forced on everyone as if his ideas are the only right way to run a forum. Not an attack on Jeff, there are a lot of great things about the new forum.


Yeah, when there are back to back posts like that it removes the quote I believe. I think it makes sense that way right? If we were just quoting each other back and for the with no interruption from other users it would get kind of needlessly repetitive for everyone else.


I’ve quoted from several posts prior and they’ve been deleted as well.

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Have you discussed this with him?


not sure about Jeff removing photos, but I’m sure he’ll chime in when he sees this.


I’ve mentioned it in other posts and have had a number of private messages and emails from members here about the same issue, and their annoyance at that (and other things) so decided to make a public post, so others could comment or share thoughts.

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Well, I mean that’s fine and all. But if your qualms are with Jeff, I would assume that you would address him about it first instead of expecting other people to answer for his own actions.


As mentioned, it’s not about Jeff, it’s about the forum.

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Seems like it’s at least partially about Jeff.

This is a very unique situation, where we use a public forum, in which the actual creator of the forum software is an active member of our community. So why wouldn’t you ask him a very specific question about the software that he is intimately familiar with? :thinking:


Hmm, can you describe in more detail, maybe with an example? I can’t think of any reason this would happen. Which post are you referring to? Can you link to it?

As previously mentioned, if you full quote a post directly above your reply, the system will remove the quote as redundant.

To avoid this, quote just the sentence or paragraph you are replying to, rather than quoting the entire text of the post.


Just recently it was in the “What are you throwing” thread, someone else had deleted quotes in the past also, can’t remember who though.

When you quote a short comment, like with Glen above, it shouldn’t be removed IMO and in my experience with numerous other forums. I can see if someone is quoting a very long post, that it should be truncated, but it’s nice to see what someone is replying to directly in the comment :+1:


Oh wait I think I know what you might be talking about. When I was doing janitorial cleanup work on the giant old “what did you get in the mail this week” topic, as well as the giant old “amateur yo-yo photography” topics… I did clean up excessively nested quotes in those topics (which are thousands and thousands of posts long).

For example:

This is 4 enormous nested quotes, repeated… just to say “thanks” at the bottom. :scream:

So what I did in those two topics, is edit the quotes to be just the sentence it was replying to, like so:

Oh and augmentedloyalty, nice post, I’m digging the effect on the second one :wink:

thanks ;D

This is not something I would normally do … but since I was going through thousands of old posts in those specific topics fixing the images in as many of them as I could, I also went ahead and cleaned up redundant nested quotes to make the topic shorter and more readable.

It’s only forum janitorial work, and only as a part of a broader janitorial image fix up in those two topics of specific historical interest, no offense was intended.

I definitely do NOT go out of my way to edit people’s posts. The only real exception is b/s/t topics where I do try to fix broken formatting or broken images if I see them, to help make sure everything has a good chance of being sold or traded etc.


100% agree about that. The one’s I’ve had edited in the past were not super old, like that one, they were recent. Quote a comment with a photo, and then the photo in the comment gets removed. Have seen it on other posts as well. On mine where it happened it’s shown that you, or another discourse member did it.


Well I don’t know… if you have a specific post in mind can you link to it? I generally do not go out of my way to edit other people’s posts, unless they are in b/s/t and in need of janitorial formatting or image fix ups. And certainly I would never mess with any post’s meaning or intent, in any case!

Anyways, if you want to avoid the system (not me!) redacting full quotes of posts directly above your reply, make sure the quote is not a full quote… so for example in your reply to Glen the quote could have been

63g is very heavy


63g is very heavy for a maple


63g is very heavy for a maple yoyo.

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Yeah - can you just paste a link of a specific one here for us to look at? :blush: