Freehand Zero Mods

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So, there have been plenty of threads about what you can do to an FHZ, but nothing on…how. So…this thread is about how to do FHZ mods, please list. ;D


You can do nearly anything to a FHZ. This thread is unnecessary. I could probably do the same mods to a Bully or p2 as I can the FHZ. And they are metal so…

(Nova) #3

But I don’t have those so I don’t know how. Unnecessary for you, maybe, because you know how to mod, but I never have.


But there are already many tutorials and threads out there for how to mod FHZ’s, and other yoyos. You need to look harder :stuck_out_tongue:


there is an amazing button next to the “profile” button, its called “search”, learn to use it and your life will be easier

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WOAH! It is amazing! shakes hand really hard Thank you so much! ;D

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I’m not a pro or anything, but what I found on these forums you can do these.
Try these mods:

Silicone recess-,7139.0.html

Extra weight

Chaz padz

DIf-e-yo pads

KonKave bearing

You can also get a clear and paint it -,53472.0.html

If you can’t do them or dont have the supplies get a modder to do it for you:,56249.0.html

Hope this helps.



AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGG!!! need money for fh zero