Freehand Zero Mods

So, there have been plenty of threads about what you can do to an FHZ, but nothing on…how. So…this thread is about how to do FHZ mods, please list. ;D

You can do nearly anything to a FHZ. This thread is unnecessary. I could probably do the same mods to a Bully or p2 as I can the FHZ. And they are metal so…

But I don’t have those so I don’t know how. Unnecessary for you, maybe, because you know how to mod, but I never have.

But there are already many tutorials and threads out there for how to mod FHZ’s, and other yoyos. You need to look harder :stuck_out_tongue:

there is an amazing button next to the “profile” button, its called “search”, learn to use it and your life will be easier

WOAH! It is amazing! shakes hand really hard Thank you so much! ;D

I’m not a pro or anything, but what I found on these forums you can do these.
Try these mods:

Silicone recess-,7139.0.html

Extra weight

Chaz padz

DIf-e-yo pads

KonKave bearing

You can also get a clear and paint it -,53472.0.html

If you can’t do them or dont have the supplies get a modder to do it for you:,56249.0.html

Hope this helps.

AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGG!!! need money for fh zero