Where do you get clear FHZ’s for modding purposes. Painting. And how do you take off the caps?

(WildCat23) #2

For clear FHZ’s you got to wait until the store has them in stock. To pop off the caps, unscrew the FHZ, then take the axle half and push it towards the cap like the FH2 and then take the axle and do the same to the other side.


Thank you, is yoyoexpert one of those stores? I went on their FHZ’z page and they didn’t have clear at all.


Yes, all stores stock them when they are available. Yoyo companies only make so many of a given color at any one time and usually pack an assortment when the stores order them.


Thank you!


Did you try the Duncan website?


No, not yet. Thank you though.


Just pushing the axle through the cap slowly will more than likely result in a cracked cap. What you need to do is slam it down on something like a block of wood. This will cause the cap to pop off faster and not result in the crack. Seems wrong but it’s right.


Thank you!