Taking apart a FHZ?

I tried searching for something on this and didn’t find anything. How do you take apart a FHZ for the purposes of painting it? I’ve seen a lot finished and they look really neat so I wanted to give it a go myself, but I don’t want to break it or anything.

If I remember correctly, you push the axle in to pop out the caps (carefully of course), then you paint the inside. I’d suggest sending a pm to XminusmikeX as he’s amazing when it comes to FHZs


You are 100% correct :wink:

Thanks guys! Yes, Mike is awesome, he helped me get a FHZ in the first place. 8)

I take a knife and just pry them off

I wouldn’t do this. lol
sounds like it has a lot of potential to scratch it up/damage it.
just pop the cap off with the axle.

I refuse to push carefully. Every time I do I break them. I use the slam method that has never broken one. Instead of pushing gently, you slam the axle into something, preferably wood. pops the caps right off.

I agree with the SLAM POP tech.

When I have pushed them, often I just end up bowing the centre of the pogs.

Just do it outside on some concrete, and give a good straight solid slam.