Removing a FHZ caps


How should I take a Freehand Zero caps off?


You can take the yoyo apart, then slam the axle on a hard surface, it will force the cap off, then screw the axle into the other half, and slam it on the table. You run the risk of cracking the caps this way, though. I usually just take a knife, stick it between the cap and the body then pry. Carefully!!!

(Waylon) #3

Mikers has the right idea but you don’t need to slam it. Just push.


Its so hard to describe they used to have a video maybe i should make one.


I don’t know how hard it is to describe… thhere seems to be a description on how to do it right here in fact.

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I meant that i get asked this question allot and i would like to be able to refrence them to a site or a video

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Thanks i will be using that btw that is a nice fhz where did you get it?

(Waylon) #10

Got it on the bst for an amazing $10 shipped. It’s a Cyclon modded FHZ with a cool tattoo dye job and large bearing SPR. It’s not actually one of my favorites to throw, but it’s still one of the highlights of my collection.