My friends FHZ.

He will start to mod his FHZ today, Any tips?

(Just in the “groove making” part, using a jewelers screwdriver)

And, Just the axle of the FHZ, you’ll attach in the drill?, Does it fit in any drill?
how do you set up it?, yoyo, axle then nut? is it okay?/will work?

then, how will you remove the other side of the non-axle side of the yo-yo?, since the axle side can be remove easily because of the cap slam method, how bout the non-axle side?, how will you remove?


Ok so you have to pop out the axle by puching it down on a hard surface.  Then put it in backwards and secure it with the nut or bolt thingy.  Then tighten the drill in the axle.  You may want to put some paper over the axle so you won’t strip it.  Watch this video.

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