Drill Hook Up?

I saw in some videos that people hook up a drill to a yoyo so they can make it spin when sanding it.
How do you hook up the drill to a yoyo? Here is a video:

You clamp the axle…That’s all you do. Also heard that you can clamp it onto a hubstack, but I’m not positive on that.

I guess if you remove the bearing and the plastic stack then you can clamp onto the post. If you tried to clamp directly onto the hubstack, it would just spin that bearings.

@YoKid5000 - all you do is insert the axle where you normally would have a driving tool or drill bit(in the drill chuck). I would recommend wrapping the axle is some tape to prevent stripping the threads.

like this



^thats how to do it ;D

if you clamp it onto the stacks with the beraings and spin it it will brake in faster

How do you sand down the side without the axle in it?

Remove the axle from the other side. It can be fastened to either side.

Here is a topic to help with that.

How do you get the axle out of a DM and a Legacy?

This is the most effective way I have found:

  1. Find two nuts that screw on tightly on the axle.
  2. Screw the 1st nut about halfway through the axle. (Use pliers or something similar for the screwing so that you can grip the nut well)
  3. Screw the 2nd nut until it reaches the 1st one, then make sure to really tighten it on top of the 1st nut.
  4. Grip both nuts together at the same time, and move them as if you’re trying to screw them off. If you did the previous steps correctly it should start getting removed from the yoyo hub when you screw it apart.
  5. To remove the nuts you now have, just grip onto the nut on top and screw it loose, and get them off one at a time.

(I find this the safest way to remove a YYJ axle, but I am not responsible if something bad happens to your yoyo or something. Be careful.)