How do you remove your yoyo axles?

Well, I was just wondering how you guys take out your axles. I would like to preserve it as much as possible.

pliers or a drill

drill? Please elaborate.

what yoyo and what kind of axle?

just use appropriate tool.

like hex key for YYF axle.
pliers for YYJ and such.

what happens to me is if i just keep playing with my yoyo the axle will be loose enough to take out. if you don’t want to wait that long just do what kristawan said.

Only use pliers or a drill chuck if you don’t mind tearing up the axle. If the hex head hole is facing out you can use a hex key to remove the axle. If it isn’t then you should use the jam nut method.

Take two nuts that have the same threads as the axle and thread them onto the axle. Using pliers, tighten the nuts against each other. Next, grab the bottom nut with your pliers and use it to thread the axle out of the yo-yo. Finally, use a pair of pliers for each nut and loosen them from each other.

Ok. Locking, There are enough good techniques here. I removed it by wrapping a paper towel around it and using pliers.