stupid screw

The screw or axle or whatever is push into the yoyo. I don’t know how this happened but I can’t get it out. How can I?

Some have a place for a hex wrench to loosen it, does yours? If it’s truly stuck and you need it out for some reason, and there’s no provisions for an allen key, then it’s probably time to grab a pair of pliers and accept that you might have to buy a new axle afterwords.

How can you what?

Which yoyo?
When you remove one side of the yoyo do you see a hex on the end of the Axle Screw?
Like ‘NathanC’ said, use a Allen Wrench to remove it.
Otherwise you can wrap a good amount of tape around the Axle Screw and then just twist it out. The tape is used to try and save your threads from being smashed down by the pliers.

What kind of yoyo? That may make a difference.

Or, you might look here:

List of useful modification and maintenance guides

And check out - Double Nut method to Remove an Axle.

Take a look around at some of the other interesting stuff there.

There really is no reason to remove a axle. Unless its damaged or you want to tune it or something.

Go check out that link above^.

As said, What Yoyo will most likely solve the problem.

First look for the hex on the tip. If there is in there get a Yoyofactory hex key or look in your toolbox (if you have one), or go to Lowes and buy a Alan Wrench the same size.

A few other things- If it is a Plastic yoyo with caps and you can feel the axle moving inside, you will have to push the axle on the floor to get it out.

That’s not for every “Plastic yoyo” just some cheaper Duncan’s and other company’s.

If it is a axle that has a soft non-threaded part in the middle then it is most likely a yoyo axle not meant to come out. Some are, but most aren’t.

But answer this question please!

What Yoyo?

EDIT* Just read it again- you said it’s pushed into the yoyo. It must be a Bolt and Nut yoyo.
Then the way to fix it is-

If it has a Side Cap then keep pushing the axle until the cap pops out.

If there is not cap then you will need to use your fingers to push the axle up and move it to the correct position to fit back in the hex slot.

Very clever.