How do you take an axle out???

I’m polishing my X-ConVict rims and need to know how to take the axle out so I can polish the other side?

Use an alan wrench. There is a slot for it on the end of the axle when you unscrew the yoyo.

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its actually an allen key the size should be 1/16th.

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i ussually just chuck it in the drill finish with one side. then unscreww the yoyo from the drill. thats right with the yoyo axle in the drill. then i take the axle out put the axle in BY HAND. this is very important. if you do it on a drill it will overtighten. this happened to my protostar. got a new yellow one tho

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save dramas and stick with an allen key

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There is no allen key slot, I think thats only with yyf yoyos.

Any other ideas?

That hex key area is with almost all yoyos. The problem with yours is it’s on the other side of the axle.

Oh, so can I put a wash cloth around the axle and get some pliers to it, or will that mess it up?

Yeah you can use that method but be careful because you can mess up the axle.
Also I just remembered there is another method you can use. Find two nut that thread onto the axle, put one on about half way then tighten the second nut against the first nut, then attempt to undo the lower nut. This in theory shoud begin to unscrew the axle because the second nut will stop the first nut from undoing.

It won’t buge with the pliers, i’ll see if I can find some nuts.

Edit: I could not find any, so I just did it by hand, thanks all for trying to help! :smiley: