Can you switch YYJ's axle?

Like my dm, I want to switch the axel to where the o-rings are.

Maybe. I dont think so though. Why would you want to?

You can easily remove the axle of a meteor and axiom, cause they have floating axles.

Not sure abt other yyj’s though.

Yes, you can take the axle out and replace it, but it’s an uber pain. One way to try to get it out is to wrap a rubber band around the axle and then use pliers to twist it out. (Righty tighty; lefty loosey) If it’s in really tight though, that probably won’t work. Another idea is to chuck the axle onto a drill, make sure the drill is turning the right way (Again, righty tighty; lefty loosey) Make sure it’s chucked REALLY tight, and hold the yo-yo still with one hand and SLOOOOWWLY turn the drill on. Hopefully the yo-yo will come off the axle, and the axle will be spinning in the chuck of the drill, and the half of yo-yo in your hand. If you don’t chuck the axle tight enough, when you hold the yo-yo half, the drill will totally strip your axle…making it useless.

Another thing is that even if you do get the axle out and place it in the other half, sometimes yyjs have a mind of their own. The axle may decide to “float” back, over time to the other side. =\

~yo! shi!

wow, never thought of the drill idea :o

you can do it like yo_shi said and if you don’t want the axle floating to the other side just glue it to the side you want it to be on.

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