Loose Axle

My yo-yo’s axle is really loose for some reason. My yo-yo doesn’t tighten very well and it vibes alot. How can I fix this?

Try replacing the axle. An old axle can get loose like mine.

Thanks, but how do I remove an axle to replace it?

It depends on the yoyo.

If the axle has a spot for an alan wrench, use an allen wrench. You can find them at most hardware stores.

If the axle does not have a spot for an allen wrench, use a rubber band and pliers. wrap the rubber band around the axle TIGHTLY, then grasp the rubber band and turn. The rubber band is there so that the pliers do not strip the axle.

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It doesn’t matter if the axle gets striped, he’s replacing it.

You take the axle out to replace it. What do you mean “nobody”?

It would help a bit if you said what kind of yoyo it is, and if maybe you overtightened it a bit. Sounds like the axle is stripped, but again, it helps to know what the yoyo is to recommend a fix.

I mean if the axles broken what does it matter if he skrews it up taking it out. He probably isn’t keeping it right.
But then again he could just put on some locktight.

No. Randomly pulling the axle out will work, but it will most likely wreck the axle nozzle in the yoyo.

Oh my god, I was trying to say was that he wouldn’t need an elastic band to protect the axle when he was unscrewing it with pliers