so i was thinking about buying a couple more freehand zeros but i dont know. Last one i had i tried the silicone mod and could never get it right i made it work though but i was wondering if i were t put reccesed stickers into this would it be unresponsive? or would i just need to make a groove and silicone it again? Lastly if i cant use the stickers is there anyone who would silicone mod this for me?

Go contact xminuxmikex and he can hook you up.

Then go order a Terrapin X A+ Beefcake for FHZ.

Me :smiley:

If you did a single side sticker recess w/ a clean/dry bearing, it will play unresponsive, but most seem to like the duel sili recess. Personally, I like a wide single sili recess w/ schmoove rings on the other side, but that’s just my preference.

so ummm… does that mean i could send it to you? cause i couldnt really understand the rest of that haha ive been throwing 2 years and havent really thought about modding much so umm could you message me mike? thanks