Help with mods for a F.A.S.T. 201

Okay I’m ordering a 201 to start mods with but I have no idea how do any of this stuff and I have no idea what it means like I heard we can do this stuff to a 201…

Silicone/sticker recess
weight rings
satin finish

Like I said before I don’t know how to do any of this!! Could someone explain to me what this all means?

Well, siliconing is replacing the recess (found in YoYoJam yoyos) with a certain substance for unresponsiveness. If you want to silicone the FAST, then just watch this video:


Shmooving: Is like a series of recessed around the response area. Meant to reduce the actual surface area that touches the string while in play. Some people might actually put silicone in these recess to customize the response.

Hubstack mod is commonly used on a FH0, so I’m not sure it can be done on a F.A.S.T 201, but generally, you would use this kit:

Weight rings: Are used to give more outer weight like YYJ metal rings do, giving it more spin.

Sating Finish:,3903.0.html Is usually done to give yoyos a smoother finish to gove it more grinding capabilities.



Thats all I could find. If I find more things, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Have Fun Throwing,

I can barely hear the vid. What is he saying?

Sorry, try your best. Also, I’m gonna change my original post to hold more info.

I liked the first vid’s way of silicone recess seems easier to do…

Sorry. I don’t know. I wish he didn’t put the music on. We werent here to listen to music but to listen to how to mod. I really dont understand him past the fork part.