FAST 201 Weightring MOD

I know there aren’t any people talking about these yoyo’s these days, but here’s a mod for the FAST 201 that makes it go from good to great! I have posted this in a few now defunct forums and also theYo in 2005!(and recently on YYN), but I feel this Mod needs to be re-shared. I still love the FAST(stock or modded!) after all these years, and still throw one almost daily.

This FAST 201 has a silicone recess, but it isn’t absolutely necessary This mod does not work with the stock starburst, but the yoyo should return with a bind without it. So the first step is to remove the sidecaps, weightring, and the starburst. You will use the weightrings as is.

Mod on the right, Stock on the left. Notice the difference? It’s pretty significant.

The green things in the photos are a piece of wire I cut from an old string of x-mas tree lights that I found in the garbage. It’s a wire made up of 2 strands, and there’s a groove between them. Any wire of this type could work, doesn’t have to be x-mas lights. I’ve also used wire from an old lamp, an old stereo, and an old alarm clock(to name a few), and I found them all in the garbage, so the cost to me was nothing but my time.

Cut the wire so it’s about 5 & 13/16"

Should fit in the yoyo Like so:
Notice the wire is just above the lip of the yoyo. It will push in slightly while pressing in the FAST 201 weightring. Also Notice the sleight gap between the wire ends. They will press together during weightring insertion.
Notice there isn’t much of a gap now between the wire ends. I also make sure the gap in the 201 weightring is at the opposite side of the wire gap, but I don’t believe it’s essential.
I like the green wire just under the bulb of the yoyos lip. The weightrings should end up in the groove of the wire. If you push it in too far down just use a flathead screwdriver to pry it back up. Anyway, It’s as easy as that! The new placement of the weightrings makes this play like an entirely different yoyo. It’s simple too, everyone that owns a FAST 201 should try it!!