fast 201 mods


I was wondering how you take off the starbursts on a fast 201
I heard some people talking about it on yyn and I was curious

Hope this helped.

Have Fun Throwing!


this video is saying 'sorry this video is no longer available ’
is this happening to you guys


No, this is not happening to me.


reload the page. If it still doesn’t work, something is wrong with ur internet.


I guess something is wrong w/ my internet but at least I got some of the video on the youtube site


(Mark) #7

To remove the starbursts, take off the caps with a fork and unscrew the yoyo. Then use the fork to poke out the starbursts from the inside. This will bend them in. Then you can use a drill to drill out a circle in the inside of the yoyo to create a cavity to place a silicon sticker or o ring.

If you can’t understand it, type in Fast 201 mod and the channel is offstringfreak. This is not mine.

Here is the link.



all i did was take off the starbursts and now it sleeps longer and i dont have to worry about loosening it to much to make it sleep long

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yup I already did it and I like it better now.


haha mine with all the starbursts OBLITERATED! HAHAHAAHAHH!LHSLEMOW!!! Sorry. All the starbursts were naturally obliterated, and it is still responsive lol :frowning:

I just don’t like fast 201’s for unresponsive play. They are great for beginners though :wink:

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with duncan mosquito spacers, a clean bearing, and string response on one side, they play perfectly.
great yo-yo for any level, imo.