How do you put silicone in the holes of a Fast 201?


Hey everyone it’s me again.
The other day when I was playing with my Fast 201, and I noticed some of the starbursts are falling out,(4 so far) I think it is because they are wearing out. I was wandering if it would still work without any starbusts or if it won’t then I didn’t know how to put silicone in the holes? Could someone give me some advice? If I put silicone in the holes do I use a tube of flowable silicone, or what, and where could I get what I need?

Thanks in advance.


That might be kinda tough. You’d have to break the starbursts from the back, remove them all, spread silicone on the top, make sure it goes into the holes, wipe off the extra silicone, and let it dry. Or you could recess it.


I saw the video on how to recess a duncan yo-yo and the guy in the video was using a drill and tiny screwdriver to shred off some plastic and well first of all I do not have a working drill, and second I do not want to do something like that on my first yo-yo modification. So how do I spread silicone on the top going everywhere, and what type do I use? I saw some silicone in a little tube that said it was clear, would that work? (sorry for all the questions it is just that it would be my first modification and the Fast 201 is my best yo-yo)

  1. Pop out the Caps.
  2. Use something to get the spikes out of the holes.
  3. Get some Yoyo string
  4. Weave it through the holes.
  5. Tie and repeat on both sides.


  1. Take out the bearing system thing…
  2. Get 2 medium Duncan spacers (Get a random combo from the Duncan Spacer kit) and a bearing.
  3. Put them in, BAM bigger gap.


I will probably do this, but I was wandering will 100% polyester string work, and and will the Duncan mosquito’s spacers and bearing work?


Yes and Yes.

Any string will work, I think the Loop 720s use YYN highlights…

(Mitch) #7

How will it play with the duncan bearings? I have a junker 201 and am open to anything to make it play decent


It is working great for me, and I can finally do split the atom(which is good for me) and when the response wears out again, I can just make new yo-yo string, and for me it is easier to land it on the string.


The Duncan Spacers :stuck_out_tongue:

It works extremely well. If you recess it or use the string technique, either will make it play extremely well.


I tried the Duncan bearing think and the string just goes in between the spacer and bearing. Any help would be appreciated


Try different spacers.

You are probably using FHZ spacers? I used FH2 and hayabusa spacers. You have to experiment to find the perfect match.


It’s the spacers from a mosquito and those are the only spacers I have. :frowning:


I had the same problem so I took out the rubber o-rings then used the mosquito’s spacers and bearing and looped the bearing once, and now it does it a lot less, but it still does it but not as much. I hope this helps.