Sillicone on a Speed Dial?

I’ve heard its possible is there any tuts around or can any one tell me how I know i need to remove the starburst but what should I put there in its place

I believe you should sand off the starburst, and then use a drill to carve a hole around the axle, or more of a circular well, and fill it with silicone… but I think the speed dial has adjustable starburst or something… if so, then I have no idea.

Well I had an idea that if I sanded the starburst down and made a groove just deep enough to fit a yyf silicone sticker it should work as when the response is set to its lowest its a bit recessed already so then would have adjustable silicone response I might try it when I get time I have nothing to lose it comes with a spare set of starbust thingys any way