F.A.S.T 201 Silicone!!!!!!!!!!

How to silicone this yoyo? PLEASE :o

you cant. you can thread string through the starbursts to give a nice response or just take out the starbursts and leave it like that. you dont need a response in it.

how do you take the starburst out?

You CAN silicone it just pop the caps off and silicone the holes. As for taking the Starburst out, I use a fork to pop em right out.

well they fall out and you need to close the bottom of the holes up with tape. but it doesent work realy. there was a thread like this on another forum.

This is what I did to my FAST. I used some old 100% cotton for the response on only one side. Worked like a champ.

I just took the starburst out NICE its my friend:)