Fast 201 mod, help?

So I have my old fast 201 and I hate it. It is so annoying, but I don’t want to get rid of it. It has a nice weight to it so I want to silicone it. I heard that you can just silicone the little starburst holes, but I removed the starbursts and it was still responsive. Would siliconing it make it responsive? Or should I recess it?

I also removed the little o-rings and removed the spacers from the bearing and added duncan spacers. I haven’t cleaned the bearing yet so is that why it is still responsive?

filling the holes and cleaning the bearing and breaking it in should make it unresponsive

Just wondering, if it doesn’t work I can still recess it.

BTW are the fast 201 bearings better than the duncan ones?

Its fixable if it doesn’t work. Yes the bearings are better. They are stainless and duncan ones are not.