FAST 201 mods

(Derek) #1

I was thinking of modding my FAST 201, does anybody have any good ideas what i should do?


Remove the starburst and clean the bearing?

(Runez4lyf) #3

get a konkave bearing


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(JonasK) #4

Let’s talk about real modding. I have never gotten to understand why people call KKing a mod. It’s just a change in bearing. Cleaning a bearing is more of a mod. Still not the hugest mod, but a mod. I spotted Xela’s FAST 201 video on youtube:
As you can see, there’s not that much too it. Remove the starbursts, silicone the holes and a spring through the bearing. This gives a wider gap and no form of tug response. Some people actualy make a new recess to put silicone in. Just siliconing the starburst holes should be enough. And then you won’t need a drill.


Yeah, i think xela mod is great and easy to do. It’s best fast 201 mod.

(Derek) #6

I’ll try the xela mod, but i have a couple questions. Does the spring go completely through the bearing? or do you put one spring on either side of the bearing? and also when you are siliconing it, do you put the silicone in from behind the caps and let it go through the holes where the starburst were, or do you put it in from the side the starbust were on?


well,I didnt do the spring thing,I just put a speed beetle’s bearing in it with the bronze spacers,very wide gap,I cant really understand what you are saying about the silicone question,but I understand what you are asking, I can tell you you dont need to take the caps off to silicone. :wink:

(Derek) #8

Ok thanks, and i no i didn’t really explain myself that well. But i get it now.


I know a guy that had one. His sister modded it by backing over it with the car.

It did make it very unresponsive.


Changing the bearing isn’t a mod. Its actually considered tuning. Keep that in mind :wink:

Anyway, this is the best video I’ve found for modding a FAST 201 (Note: The quality isn’t the best  :slight_smile:

(Mitch) #11

Hate to bring up old posts but I’d rather do this than make a new thread…

How do I get the spring in the bearing? Or around it?


Don’t worry! Make a new one! People will yell at you more for this than making the same one. We understand that some people might need explanation on different parts. I swear, whoever yells at you for making another one, I will yell at them personally.!!! :smiley:

(Mitch) #13

KK… thanks

Soooo, Can you help me out with the mod?